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Our Web Design Service

In order to make things as simple as possible, we have taken a very flexible approach to our web design service. In essence, if there is a feature you don't want, you don't have to have it! Sounds like common sense to us but with many web design packages available elsewhere, you are stuck with the choice of a Silver, Gold or Platinum package and you end up paying for things you don't want and not getting things you do. We like to make life easy.

Web Design

We will design a brochure style web site of as many pages as you want. The first page costs a little more than subsequent pages due to the extra work involved but then you only purchase as many additional pages as you require. You simply need to let us know the titles of the pages and provide the text in a standard electronic format (e.g. text file, word file etc). Included in the price of any web site is the following;

  • Preparation of your logo, whether it is provided by you in an electronic format (e.g. jpg, gif, word file etc.), scanned by us from your letter-headed paper or if you have no logo, for a small charge a basic logo can prepared by us incorporating your firm name.
  • Optimization of your main page to ensure your site appears in search engine results when people are searching on the term which best describes your business (supplied by you).
  • One off submission of your site to the major search engines (and a lot of minor ones as well).

For further information call 0151 281 6162 or email or click here to complete the online contact form.

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