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PDC Online50 is a new dimension in efficient accounting, combining the familiar strengths of Sage Line 50 with the power of the Internet. PDC Online50 allows you to simultaneously access a live system from multiple locations. Many thousands of small and medium sized businesses across the country use the UKís leading accounting software called Sage Line 50. With the advent of PDC Online50, any company wanting to use Sage or already using the Sage Line 50 product, can register and then log in via a secure link on the website and take advantage of the wide range of business money-saving benefits that come from using a secure real-time on-line accounting system. There is no need for you to own your own copy of the sage software.

PDC Online50 means that a business owner/manager and their bookkeeper/accountant can have simultaneous access to the same set of computerised accounts. It provides on-the-spot, up-to-the minute business management information, ensuring that business decisions are based on the very latest information. Importantly, it also ends the need to transfer confidential information onto to disc and incur delays and risk by using mail or e mail. Accounts can be accessed round the clock and from any location, with up to six people within in any company able to access accounts at the same time. The service uses the highest available security equivalent to online banking allowing password controlled access at all times from any internet enabled computer. PDC Online50 requires the use of encrypted transmissions using industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. The connections to the service are all made through secure Internet connections using the highest available levels of encryption. Once connected each customerís data is securely held in an area that other customers do not have access to. SSL helps ensure that your information is protected during transmission over the Internet. PDC Online50 offers access only to registered users who have specified a user name and a password.

All of the servers are housed in the Online50 datacentre in London's Docklands. As the software is running in the Online50 datacentre you do not actually run the software on your systems, only connect to the servers where it is hosted. Consequently the requirements to be able to use this service are very low.

PDC Online50 works like a network (multi user) version of Sage Line 50 but is shared over the internet rather than just around your office. Using PDC Online50 no network system is required, you can enable staff to work from home, and have access to your data at any time, allowing greater flexibility of workplace. The new service will suit many types of businesses including:

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