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Online50 London Datacentre

The Online50 Datacentre is in a Tier 1 Facility in London Docklands.


The Datacentre is manned 24 hours a day with secure access via an electronic access control system. All visitors have to pass through an 'air lock' and be identified visually against their photograph before being allowed into the facility.

Environment Control

The environment is managed for humidity and temperature to ensure optimum operation of the equipment. An electronically controlled fire control and early warning system protects against the possibility of fire. Diesel generators protect the system from any power failures.


We connect directly into the European backbone of NTT/Verio over an Ethernet connection. This means that we can offer a very fast connection.

The Datacentre
6-7 Harbour Exchange Square

Fire protection System
Part of the fire protection system.
Air Intakes
Cold Air is forced up through the adjustable black ventillator. The grids in the corridors allow air to circulate ensuring constant temperature.
Dencon Unit
Denco cooling unit. Cold water is stored on the roof and cold air is blown under the raised floor.
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Diesel Generators
for Constant power

For further information call 0151 281 6162 or email or click here to complete the online contact form.

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