The Dataset Challenge

Let the Online50 servers power through your Sage data and if we do not outperform an installation on your local network we will provide you with a bottle of champagne to celebrate!

Some accounting tasks can be data intensive and the more data you have the longer these tasks take. We have often been challenged by prospective users who are concerned that their large datasets will not perform adequately online. Users have been so pleased with the performance of our systems that we have launched the "Dataset Challenge" to show how we can perform with the most demanding data we can find.

Participation in the challenge is free and totally secure - nobody will have access to your data except you at any stage of the process.

To take part you will need to contact us for access codes to allow you to log on to the system. Log in and upload a backup of your data to our servers. You can then test the system by running your most demanding reports, reconciliations and other procedures. Time the operations (to the nearest second) and compare these times with running the same operations on your own local area network. When you log off your data will be deleted from our systems.

If your data beats our servers, and performs faster on your local network than it does on our hosted platform, we will provide you with a bottle of champagne.

To participate call us on 0151 281 6162 or use the Contact Request Form.

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